Jubilee Primary School's

Stokey Street Exhibition

Church Street

Stoke Newington


Year 6 of Jubilee Primary School in Stoke Newington created artworks for their Stokey Street Exhibition In Church Street which was held from 05th July to 15th July 2018.

Their art was displayed in these shops:

  • Early Bird (3 Church Street)

  • Mind Charity Shop (11 Church St)

  • Location Location (18 Church St)

  • Children's Air Ambulance (31 Church St)

  • HairTonic (37 Church St)

  • GK Locksmiths LTD (45 Church St)

  • Oakwood Estate Agents (48 Church St)

  • Hub (49 Church St)

  • Julian Reid (51 Church St)

  • Shine on the Green (52 Church St)

  • Felicity J. Lord (69 Church St)

  • Olive Loves Alfie (84 Church St)

  • The Good Egg (93 Church St)

  • Green Room (113 Church St)

  • Stokey News (117 Church St).

  • Caffeine London (134A Church St) 

Location Location had been a wonderful supporter of the Stokey Street Exhibition and of the WorryBoy Program.

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, they had offered their amazing window display to announce the kids' upcoming exhibition. 

A few children of Jubilee Primary School made some colourful posters, which was especially great, because it was getting close to SATs and it would have been completely understandable if they didn't have any time!

On top of the display, they also published a beautiful article on their website!